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The Aurelians Collective is firmly grounded in our mission to support emerging and underrepresented artists through fostering a community in which they can connect with one another , cultivate meaningful industry relationships, and create in a space where creativity flows unbounded.

We strive to empower our artists with the agency to uplift themselves through the impact of the work they create, simultaneously providing them the necessary exposure, access, and resources to ensure the impact is as broad as is deserved.

In short, our artists' work speaks for itself. We aim to encourage, enable, and amplify. 

At our core, we are a female-driven collective of artists dedicated to producing dynamic works of art which highlight the joys, adversities, and moments of magic inherent to our experience. We aim to uplift our narratives in a world of structures that were not designed to uplift us.

​We’ve united a cooperative of like minded creatives, charged with the mission to invoke social and societal change. Our ethos is foundationally linked to a strong belief that our artists deserve to create without commercial or artistic restriction. 

Through art and action we aim to promote collective social healing. We recognize the value of our audience as essential promoters of progress. Our role is to engage, educate, and empower them towards action as we propel our artists in tandem. 

We feel that given our ability to create art that impacts change, we have a responsibility to do so. Through social engagement, salons, and a dash of serendipity we aim to create a community which positively impacts the lives of our artists and the creative sector at large. 

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