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Our artists are representative of our mission. We are a sum of our parts. The incredible creators and storytellers which make up our collective are motivated by the progress we work towards with every project we take on. It is our artists’ value that bring strength to our network and creates the creative safe space that allows our work to thrive. 

What does it mean to be an Aurelians artist?

To take part in our collective is to become part of a network of artists and storytellers dedicated to creation in the name of progress and positive social change. Operating in the spirit of the collective, our core activities are meant to uplift our artists and empower them to uplift one another. Collaboration, cross-promotion, and creation of opportunities are some of the modes by which we promote this ethos. This community of artists is a creative safe space where our artists can grow and thrive.

What are the benefits?

  • Promotion on our website and social media channels including support of independent projects

  • Opportunity to participate in Aurelians projects 

  • Opportunity to be showcased at our seasonal salons in New York and Los Angeles

  • Opportunity to pitch projects to our production team 

  • Access to our network of artists and opportunities to network at Aurelians events

  • Opportunity to participate in artist workshops and retreats

What is the application process like?

In order to apply please submit a resume, artist portfolio, and a brief artist statement (250 words max) to Requests for additional materials or an interview may be required.

Isabelle Goodman, 2024, dancer

red and purple abstract painting with large brushtrokes and an edgy flair.jpg
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