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The Romantic is Emma Davidov’s inaugural collection of poetry. Written over the span of 7 years, it is composed of love letters, prayers, vindications, and musings. Each of these are strung together by the strong theme of romanticization of one’s life, a phenomena from which no one is safe. It is a book about the little moments, the big feelings, the intrusive thoughts, and sweet sweet heartbreak. Handle with care… words are sharp and we are so soft.




A dark comedy of delicious proportions (key word being portions), "Soup" centers on a sordid supper for three where the anti-heroine Sofia (Olivia Haley Young) leaves it all out on the table. Sofia, the victim of  a heinous crime grapples with her abuser's Stockholm-syndrome ridden wife, Amber (Emma Davidov) and apologist mother (Mary Haley Young). This short film, written by Kingmond Young and directed by San Fransisco-based rising director Athyn Ritter, 

deals with themes of womanhood, abuse, grooming, and the cost of being consumed by our pasts. The Aurelians' inaugural film, "Soup" is a stomach-turning, pearl clutching, red-wine and revenge fueled affair. This manic journey can only be accurately described as "the same way you imagine Nicole Kidman felt in that photo where she screams in glee after divorcing Tom Cruise".  We suggest viewing on an empty stomach.

The Salon Series is an immersive artistic nightlife experience featuring an evolving lineup of up-and-coming darlings of the art world and new voices featuring The Aurelians Collective resident artists. Iterations include 2023's sold-out The Fountain of Youth and the upcoming Celestial Bodies. Lineups include theatre, original music, stunning installations, and poetry, culminating in a vibrant fête where artists and industry reps find a unique opportunity to connect. 



A Matter of Days

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Muse of My Own

Maya Lake Poetry

This short film by Regan Lavin is a bona fide “good for her” film, acting as an homage to female rage and artistry. After Lennon, a young artist cloyed by gendered emotional exploitation in the art world, is countlessly betrayed, she takes it upon herself to give male artists a taste of their own medicine, using them for her own artistic purposes.

short film

scripted, limited series

stage production

poetry book

This  fantastical and transportive rendition combines inventive design and direction, reminiscent of old-Hollywood grandeur and traditional Shakespearean drama-- the dreamlike immersive production marries the timeless allure of Shakespeare and the vibrant creativity of emerging female voices featuring a sumptuous set, original music, and modern ballet. 

An exploration of the consequences that arise from humanity's toying with the welfare of the planet. It is also a love story, because what else could make the Earth worth saving? In the last remaining days of a hospitable Earth where, Vivian, a cynical young scientist falls for Mason, a soulful street musician who reignites her hope and sparks her on a journey to rescue the planet. 

The product of much germination, Maya Lake’s debut poetry collection illuminates and interrogates the meaning of life and other much more important questions.  For example:  ‘Am I stupid?’ Hailing from a Great Books Program, her work draws on themes found in the western cannon and her obsession with the evolution of human thought.  Peruse or psychoanalyze at your own risk.

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