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The Aurelians Collective stands firmly committed to uplifting female and marginalized artists with a deep understanding of intersectionality. Our ethos is rooted in providing a platform that not only showcases their diverse talents but also amplifies their voices and experiences.


We recognize the unique challenges faced by artists belonging to intersecting identities and strive to create an inclusive environment that fosters radical self-expression.


At the heart of our approach lies the belief in granting artists agency over their work. Further, we aim to provide opportunities for exposure, financing, and realization of these artists' important work. We empower our artists to create as they see fit, embracing their individuality, and offering unwavering support for their artistic vision, free from restrictive norms and expectations.


Through these efforts, we aim to cultivate a vibrant and diverse artistic community that reflects the richness of the female experience and the power of mutual recognition and support.

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